Hello planet! Okay, that’s not even a word, GSOCer..! but I am selected in Google Summer of Code 2014 with KDE. My project is Integrating Plasma mediacenter with Plasma Next and porting it to KF5 and Qt5. My mentors are Sinny Kumari and Shantanu Tushar Jha.

This project involves various task,

  • Porting plasma mediacenter library, plugins, and backends to Qt5/KF5
  • Porting user interface elements to QtQuick2 and Plasma Next components or rewriting if needed.
  • Creating Plasma shell package which wraps user interface elements.
  • Writing more unit tests for plasma-mediacenter library.
  • Porting away from deprecated API in KDELibs4Support.

I discussed this project with Shantanu Tushar at the conf.kde.in 2014. Given I already worked on plasmoids porting to Qt5/KF5 in Plasma Next during Season of KDE I found this project perfect for me. Some more things about this project.

  • In a free time I already ported plasma mediacenter library and unit tests to KF5 and Qt5. Code lives in frameworks-scratch branch of plasma-mediacenter repo,
  • Also I have ported browsing backends and plugins to KF5 and Qt5.
  • This will allow me to focus on user interface and shell implementation in coding period.
  • During community bonding period I will cordinate with KDE Visual design group and KDE Usability group for new design

Overall, this is going to be a great experience for me like Season of KDE. I will get involved with KDE Community more and more during GSoC and hopefully our users will benifit from it. That’s my wish.

Again Thank you my mentors, Plasma team and KDE for giving me chance to do things this GSoC. Also I thank Google for organizing such a nice program.