Hello planet! This is first report for my GSoC project porting plasma mediacenter to Qt5/KF5 and Implementing shell package.

So far I have,

  • With help from sebas ported away plugin loading code from deprecated methods and macros
  • Ported Plasma mediacenter welcome screen and media browser to QtQuick 2.0 and Plasna Next components.
  • Cleaned source code of autotests and ported away from deprecated methods

Now enough words,

Lets checkout some screenshots..

Mediacenter welcome screen

Mediacenter photos browsing

Mediacenter local file browsing

Mediacenter youtube browsing Somehow thumbnails are not working properly for online backends.. This is best screenshot I was able to get.. :D

So that’s it for today.. Next week I have my exams so I will skip next report. Thanks for reading..