Akademy 2014 was my first ever akademy that I attended and I must say that was nice experience for me. I got to meet many people whom I only know with their IRC nicks or just identity usernames. Our pre-registration event took part in the Redhat office, Brno. I reached there at evening and there I meet plasma developers as well as KDE-India people whom I alredy meet once at conf.kde.in, they gave very warm welcome to me.

On next day event took part in the Brno University of Technology, where on first two days there was many exciting talks. Some of them were lightning talks and others were full length technical talk, I also gave 10 minute talk in which I tried to explain “How I met our konqi - in single episode”. This talk included my experience with KDE community so far, How I started to contribute to KDE, Season of KDE, Google summer of Code etc..

After the 2 days of talks there was BoF sessions and workshops, where I attended the Plasma BoF, Plasma mediacenter BoF, KDE Windows BoF, KDE Edu use in India and KDE India BoF. This was really exciting to become a part of the awesome discussions going in this BoFs. Most exciting BoF for me was plasma mediacenter and plasma BoF because I normally work on this parts.

On the last day there was my birthday which I spent in the flight… :P but again that was best birthday gift I got from KDE e.V., Thank you for sponsering my travel and accomodation in Brno, Czech Republic.