I am happy to announce the v0.1 release of the keysmith.

Keysmith is Two-factor code generator for Plasma Mobile and Desktop.

You can get first release from the


It has been gpg signed by my personal key with fingerprint

0AAC 775B B643 7A8D 9AF7 A3AC FE07 8411 7FBC E11D

Please note that this is a v 0.1 release and there are known issues with Keysmith. In particular the storage of secrets for tokens is not implemented securely yet. Only use this for testing purposes, do not use this with real account data just yet. This release is for you if:

  • you are excited about an app for KDE for 2 factor authentication and want to get involved
  • you are a packager who want to get a head’s start so you are well prepared for v1.0 when it finally lands

Again, please do not use this for real accounts yet: Keysmith is not secure at this point. But you can help! If you want to help out head over to https://invent.kde.org/kde/keysmith/issues/.