So today I did some housekeeping on my blog,

  • Moving it to new server, old server was based on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus, which is quite old now (I still get security updates, but some packages are quite out-of-date and needs quite some PPAs to manage it)
  • Updating it to latest minima theme and removing some of custom templates I had
  • Removing disqus plugin, as I realized ultimately I get less and less comments there and it can be invasive to privacy for readers of this blog
  • Killing the Google analytics from my blog, this is something which I had added back in 2015 without much of thinking, but in fairness I was not looking at dashboards for this site from quite while now. I will also take care to delete the data from Google Analytics Dashboard

I had planned to write different blog post but this housekeeping took most of the time for me, so I will finish post tomorrow.

On separate topic, I realize my blog has been dormant for a year now. Last blog post I made was Plasma Mobile as a daily driver about when I was stuck in Europe with no working phones except PinePhone. While this blog was mostly dormant, I had been writing various posts and contributing to posts on Plasma Mobile blog.

I still have several blog posts which are stuck in the draft state (looking at git status of my blog repo, 7 draft posts at moment), I feel like making writing blog posts habit will help me finish them finally 🙃. Which is why I am signing myself up for #100DaysToOffload challenge by Kev Quirk. I know that I will probably end up writing 25-30 posts compared to 100, but as guidelines say, it is fine

Publish 100 new posts in the space of a year. You don’t need to publish a post every 3 days - if you want a week off, that’s fine. If it comes to the end of the year and you have only published 60 posts, that’s also fine. Just. Write.

That will be much better already compared to 0 posts in whole year 😜. I will also update my RSS feed URL to tag-specific URL so that Planet KDE does not get spammed with off-topic blog posts if I make any on this blog 🙂.

Day #1 of the #100DaysToOffload series.