I did not manage to get a ticket for RC3, or well in other words totally forgot about it when tickets were available. It is possible to still watch talks through media.ccc.de.

There are some talks I quite enjoyed and would recommend people to watch as well.

Building less inaccessible websites

This talk covers some of really nice tips on “low hanging fruits” on how to improve websites accessibility. Quite honestly I am not quite sure how accessible my blog is, while it is mostly text and in theory should work fine already with screen readers for instance I have not actually tested it and I should do that.

Porting Linux to your favorite obscure ARM devices

This topic is somewhat close to what I work as part of my daily job, while nowadays I am not directly involved with porting mainline Linux to old mobile devices this is topic I still love to follow and keep myself up-to-date.

Having more devices ported to mainline Linux kernel would help with reducing electronic waste and sometime interweb can come up with interesting use-cases for old devices if they are supported by newer kernel as well as userspace.

This talk gives really nice overview about the process for bringing up upstream Linux kernel on such obscure ARM devices.

How to survive in spacecraft

Nowadays Among us by Innersloth is quite a rage among (pun not intended) all age-groups of people. Partially due to some of famous game streamers playing them during the COVID lockdown. It’s game about few crewmates surviving on the spaceship / space stations and 1-3 imposters.

While that game is fiction, there’s some interesting science and technology involved in actual space missions. This talk is exactly about that. I will not go in much detail but I highly recommend this talk.

Your name is invalid!

This talk is one of talk I have not watched yet and is not available to watch on media.ccc.de yet. But still is interesting talk based on the description. I came across similar article from while back which focuses on falsehoods programmers believe about names, that is also interesting read.

I am still going through schedule and finding more and more interesting talks to watch, I will write about them at later point.

Day #3 of the #100DaysToOffload series.