This is follow up to the initial post about the talks I found interesting in rc3, there are some more talks from schedule I found interesting to watch.

Rage against machine learning

We experience machine learning in all stages of life, be it recommendation for next movie to watch in streaming service like the Netflix or Amazon prime, or recommendation for next song to listen. This talk is about how this ML systems can be audited to make sure that they are not biased towards specific content type, or is spreading fake news or mis-information.

XKCD Machine learning

Works (not) for me

This talk is in German language, currently neither recording nor subtitles are not available, once subtitles are available I am interested in listening this talk.

Due to COVID-19, governments all across the globe enforced lock-down protocols and various companies, organizations adapted work from home policies. IT industry in specific embraced this work from home model quite nicely.

Education sector also adopted this model, while it worked for most cases. For some people this quite did not work out. This talk is about one such case where remote involvement did not work out and is not accessible.

Big tech’s 100bn EUR delusion with self-driving cars

Most important bit that caught my attention is this part from it’s description,

The ethical and technical challenges of autonomous mobility are deeply inter-meshed. The very concept of an “autonomous vehicle” deciding ethical situations, as defined by the tech and car industries, is flawed and in itself a barrier to progress. The challenges include intractable ethical dilemmas (I.e. the trolley problem), which are currently unsolved, bearing a significant risk that the tech/car industries will use their economic and political influence to override them. Also challenging is, that autonomous vehicles will necessarily be prodigious data collection and surveillance devices and could violate privacy on an unprecedented scale. Even now with only “level 3 autonomy”, every Tesla on the road has 8 HD cameras and 12 ultrasonic 360 sensors constantly collecting data – estimated at around 25 GB an hour – that is shared with Tesla data centres.

Technical challenges apart, self-driving cars seem like a nightmare for both privacy and freedom. This talk is really thought provoking for both drivers of such cars and at same time other people whose data gets collected by such self-driving cars.

That’s it for now, I expect there will be one more last blog post I will write about rc3 talks.

Day #4 of the #100DaysToOffload series.